Open Source Applications

Popular open source systems vary greatly in the range of applicability of use. Some of the more popular current open source applications include:

  • Red Hat Linux - Recognized as an industry leader in operating software, Red Hat Linux provides a solid, stable personal computer operating system
  • Ubuntu - Freeware Linux distribution - desktop and server
  • Damn Small Linux - Great for aging and elderly hardware (a.k.a. Boat Anchor)
  • Apache Project - Apache servers are preferred as Internet application servers due to their adaptability, light footprint, and ease of maintenance
  • Sun Solaris - Sun Solaris is a larger-scale operating system known for scalability and quick response times
  • Firefox - World's safest (and best) web browser
  • Thunderbird - Email client
  • Android - Open source mobile application from Google
  • Open Office - Open Office word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, etc software (similar to that MS product … )
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